The truth of the matter is?

I`m sure each and every person of us has one time or the other told a lie. I`m sure i won`t shock anyone when i say that one lie leads to another. A never-ending circle. Until the truth comes out. Thats the only thing that can stop the lying. And one time or the other the truth does come out. Alhamdolillah.. Even if it doesn`t come out now I`m certain it will come out on judgement day. What people who lie forget is that God is watching them. Even if they hide the truth from a few people, God knows what is happening. Nothing in this world or in this universe has ever been or could ever be concealed from God. So there is no use.

When I come in a situation where I don`t want to share something about me, I simply tell the person ke I don`t want to talk about this now, I change the subject or simply stay quiet. Like I didn`t get what they said. This gives me such power that it keeps me on the right path, keeping my conscious free. One thing is for sure though, if you ask me you will get an honest answer. You decide how much you want to share with others. Of course your dearest loved ones know everything about you:) And if someone tries to bug into your stuff, simply tell them to mind their own business. I have become very strict with myself not sharing everything with anyone but only to those close me.

For some people you can only give out the truth in small digestible amounts. Simply because they are not capable of facing the truth.

We also have a great responsibility towards our younger generation that we guide them on the right path. If they see us lying to someone about something, what kind of impact do you think that will have on them? We need good role models for kids so that they get a push in the right direction and keeps the universal guidelines going for generations. If we God forbid somehow teach them that lying is ok, that can make severe damage on their character.

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