We are valuable people :)

Yes, I would say that, over and over again. Every time I feel like giving myself some positive energy:) Every person in this world is not valuable because of his/her looks! No, he/she is valuable because of his/her decent character. Why do you think every muslim and even non-muslims admired and looked up to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he lived, and Alhamdolillah now and for all time? Because he had the bestest character a human being can ever have. Why do you think people accepted Islam after they met and got to know the Messenger Muhammad? Even if people where angry or mean at him, he treated them with respect and outmost kindness that even they became muslims. Never ever would a person become muslim if someone put a gun on his head! Even if the person having a gun at his head would say the kalima that there is no God But Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger, it wouldn`t mean a thing if the heart isn`t following:) No muslim can force a non-muslim to become a muslim, because if his heart doesn`t follow, than it wouldn`t be valid.

It is so important that the majority of non-muslims understand this fact. That the majority of us muslims wants to live and Alhamdolillah are living peacefully in the countries we live in. The majority. If some people tend to misuse the name of Islam and say this or that, please for Gods sake check if that person is a practising muslim. I believe that muslims are trying there best to have a safe environment, build up their future for their families and stay on the right path. And Alhamdolillah remembers the universal guidelines that we have in every religion. Respect each other, and let me practise my religion in peace and harmony with the rest of the society.

Muslims whom want to enter paradise, try their best to practise their religion. Believe me they don`t have time to do anything else. Cause they are so eager to collect savabh (comes fromn good deeds) to make their way to a prosperous akhirat (day of judgment). When even atoms weight of good, and even a atoms weight of bad things will be known, and Allah Subhanatalha will do justice to every human being, that has ever lived on this earth. SubhanAllah and Allah ho Akbar! If we muslim are striving, doing our best, and are sabirin, than Allah will do justice to the ones people have not done justice to, IF that person is on Haq (on the right). SubhanAllah!

There was a debate at NRK yesterday which was very interesting to follow. The thing about most of the debates that are done is that the politicians doesn`t listen to the people. If a muslim doesn`t practice his /her religion because he / she is afraid of loosing friends or that people will think he /she is extremist just because of that following what is said in the Quran, than that is really bad. Muslims read about some politicians that say that all muslims are like that or like this, saying numerous bad things and I want to underline they jump to conclusions and generalize for all of the muslims. This puts us muslims in a bad light, and then every muslim being young or old have to defend ourselves to every person we meet. Being at work at school or with friends. This is so wrong! When politicians do this than the hate against the non-muslims arises in the heart of the muslim, because one doesn`t feel like one is understood. Now if this was to be a teenager, and this kind of hate arises than I would say one is in the danger-zone of coming in the wrong company of people. whom deliberately are using the name of Islam in non-islamic actions, for instance suicide-attacks. If the politicians stops generalizing the whole muslim community and everyone is to be seen as individuals that are fulfilling the responsibilities that the norwegian society has put on them as the norwegian muslim residents they are, than they would be able to stop the hatred that they are actually feeding the new generations with by accusing them of being extremist muslims, maybe because they have their own way of living. If the muslim people’s rules doesn`t go against the universal guidelines of being a good human being than why are are the muslims deliberately put in bad light by the media and the politicians. That would be because the politicians wants to gather as much votes they can, and as much support as they can, and for that they need something they say is evil to unite the people against the evil. When in case muslims are not evil at all. We just want a peaceful life, living in harmony with the rest of the people. And we dislike when someone point fingers at us. Wouldn`t you do that? What the finger-pointing politicians forget is that, one finger maybe pointed at muslims, but 4 fingers are pointed at themselves. I guess every person that points a finger at anyone else forgets this. Though it is so important!

The bottom line is lets stop generalizing and treat each other with respect and let every person practice their religion in peace and harmony in the society, while they are also following all the rules and regulations that are followed being a norwegian muslim citizen as every norwegian citizen is following. Lets start thinking like a big “WE” instead of “them” and “us”. I believe that would be a win-win situation for all of us living in Norway:)

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