I am at 100% debt and will be till the end of time..

Alhamdolillah, we humans are blessed with so much. And even if everyone have their own big and small issues, most of us are very blessed, and it is all thanks to Allah subhanataalah:) Alhamdolillah sum Alhamdolillah.. I was listening to dars-e-masnavi the other day when Pir Sahib was talking about the people whom spend their time praying. A lot of praying. He come up with an example and it touches us all in some way or the other. It is so important that we all stay as humble as we can at all times, me included of course.

Pir Sahib was talking about a person whom prayed a lot in his lifetime when he was brought up to the heaven he was questioned, the man was sent to Jannat because he had prayed all his lifetime. When that man started to walk, Astagfirullah he was walking very slowly and akharr ke chal raha tha. When the angels stopped him. At the same time another person whom hadn`t prayed at all in his life, or not followed any of the commandments of his Lord, was also questioned. That person was destined to be put in hell. When that man with no good deeds / achein amal heard that he ran to the hell, when the angels stopped him. And he was questioned why are you running towards hell, then he said, because in my lifetime I haven`t heard to any of Allah`s commands, so I thought this is my last chance, lets at least listen to this one so that maybe he can forgive me. When Allah Subhanataalah listened to this he ordered the one whom was so proud of himself and walked so slowly to go to hell because of his proudyness, and the one that ran, to go to heaven because he repented, and listened to His Lords commands. When the person whom had prayed all his lifetime heard this, he asked that I have prayed all my lifetime, can`t I at least get my reward for that, doesn`t that count at all? Than Allah Subhanataalah, weighed his good deeds. This man`s good deeds and all his prayers and every good thing he had done, didn`t weigh more than his one eye.

Lets think about this for a moment. We humans are so blessed that even if we want to give back to our Creator it is simply impossible that we can do such a thing. Than how much in debt are we, and will we always be, to our Creator? I would say yeah 100%. That is why it is so important to be as humble as we can and pray as lot as we can to show sincere gratitude for what we have been blessed with. Alhamdolillah, because it is a lot:) No one knows what will happen in the end, we can only pray and ask for Allahs forgiveness. Because there is not one person out here whom haven`t ever done a bad deed. Lets pray that Allah guides us to only collect good deeds, and keeps us away from shaitans misguiding that can lead us towards our doom. May Allah Subhanataalah always keep us on the right path. Ameen summa ameen.

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