Our purpose for coming into this world :)

Alhamdolillah am watching Dars-e-Masnavi at Noor tv lately and it is excellent:) Pir Alaudin Siddiqi sahib has a wonderful way of portraying the way to become a better and better Muslim/Muslimah and achieve what is our purpose of coming into this world. He says that our goal should be to have the love of the Prophet Muhammad in our hearts and keep us on the right path and follow the Quran and InshaAllah become more and more blessed by Allah Subhanataalah for following His rules.

I want to share something I heard in the Masnavi-sharif with you:) Pir Sahib says that this world is a place where we there lives adults as well as kids, though he has his own definition on who is an adult and who is a kid. Pir Sahib says that the adults are those who have the love of Prophet Muhammad in their hearts as well as live by the rules set by Allah Subhanataalah and want to achieve everlasting bliss to come to Jannat Ul Firdous, the highest degree of paradise. The adults spend their time in dhikr praising Allah and the Prophet Muhammad and keeping their heart and mind always in the remembrance of their Sustainer. The kids on the other hand are those that maybe an adult by their looks but are kids by their behaviour. They do not recognize the teachings of Islam and the truth which has been sent down to us from Allah. They can be non-practising muslims or people whom has another belief than Islam.

What Pir Sahib mentioned further on in the dars was that the kids are busy playing and fighting and doing everything else. And the Adults are spending their time busy in dhikr. The people whom have not recognized their Sustainer laugh and say bad things to the adults. At the end who’s going to win. The kids are going to play and have so much fun they can, but only in this world. The adults whom have found the truth keep their selves busy following the Quran and Sunnah and will InshaAllah find happiness in the hereafter and forever. What the kids need to do is to recognize the truth and do their best in doing dhikr all the time and follow the rules that are set by our Sustainer Allah. SubhanAllah! This will lead them to eternal bliss.

Pir Sahib also said that if you give a diamond and a little sparkling bit of a glass to a kid, he won`t see the difference between them. He would probably play a bit with both and later on just throw it away, not understanding the preciousness or the difference. So when the Adult talk to a kid, since they are like night and day, they can`t understand each other. The adults should always keep themselves in the company of adults and not kids. That would even make the adult`s darjat more and more buland/high and the adult will become more prosperous.

InshaAllah I hope we all one day can strive more and more into becoming a complete adult. I now I have my faults and I know everyone has. We just need to strive more and more for guidance and never let go of the hope of achieving eternal bliss in jannat. Ameen summa ameen.

This goes for me to, if someone laughs at you or make fun of you because you want to follow your religion Islam, than remember there is nothing wrong with you, but with those that have not recognised the purpose of life which is for Allah ka banda /bandi to pray and ask from only Allah,no-one else. Pat yourself on the back and remember that you are on the right track:) And don`t let others bring you down or make you angry. Keep yourself calm, for your sake, for my sake and most importantly for the sake of Allah. I am still striving to keep myself calm, I know we both are, and InshaAllah I know we can do it:) There is boundaries for us but for Allah ki rehmat ka barasna there is no boundaries. Even as we follow our deen more and more our goal becomes higher and higher, and there is no boundary for our goal as Allah Subhanataalah is the greatest. SubhanAllah. I don`t even have words to express how great Allah is! SubhanAllah!

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