One word: Experience :)

Most of the Pakistanis living in Norway did not take that much educations in the beginning when they came to this country. They were to busy putting food on the table for their kids. But gladly that has changed. Pakistanis are taking more and more education than before and even boys are not any more behind the girls in this but are equally more into taking more education. And that is of course the best thing that could ever happen to us, so that we can show that most of the Pakistanis are quite bright. Though when people talk about education some says that education says everything about a person. If you ask me than I don`t agree on that at all. What actually makes a person is the experience they have gathered throughout their life it is not the degrees they have. Why am I saying that? Come on:) Haven`t any of you ever met the parhein likhein anpar? Sorry to say so but people whom have lots of degrees and put years and years behind on the university but doesn`t know how to behave or speak to another person. Some of them can be so rude and think “if only people had so much knowledge as I have”. I know one thing if you do have a lot of knowledge about something great! Lovely! But you see, it wouldn`t do any good unless you share it with someone, instead of bragging about how much you know. Allah raazi us bandein se hoga jokein apna ilm dosron mein baanthein or woh bina garoor kien. Some sayings from Muhammad (PBUH). One should only seek as much knowledge as that will make and keep you godfearing.

Those people I adore are those who are very enlightened but still the most down-to-earth-person I have ever known. And it is not only their education that made them that enlightened it is also their experience. Their way of talking and the way they treat other people that are close to them, always wanting to help another person, showing others also how they can become succesful:) Wanting to share all their knowledge with others without any form of pride.

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