Stand up for your rights!!

I remember when I was younger I used to listen to “im just a girl” – from no doubt. When I listened to this song today, I must say I am thinking that It is so important to fight for ones rights no matter what! Lets see: I am girl, I am a Muslimah, I live in a foreign country ( I am not seen as a norwegian even though I`m born and raised here in Norway), and I use hijab. What happens when all these things are put in me? Yes some people just walk right over me! Some people because I`m a Muslimah, others because I wear hijab, others because I`m a girl and some because I`m not seen as a Norwegian. Recently I`ve had so many people just walking right over me that I`ve had it up over my head! One should never let anyone walk all over you. So many prejudice I have to fight with every day. Most certainly, if you have a loud voice, than one should use it for a good purpose. Every time this happened I have raised my voice and told them where the line goes, Alhamdolillah. And I am not going to stop. The attitude ” I`m just a girl, don`t mind me” is , I think, over in my case.

I have learned one thing, staying quiet doesn`t solve anything, it is so important to put ones opinion across and Alhamdolillah I have tremendous support from my loved ones:)

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