The Ideal Supplication :)

I have come across a book “the ideal Muslimah”, you can find it in the bookstores. A wonderful book I would say for every woman whom has given herself on the journey to become a mominah. And for every man they have also made a book called “the ideal Muslim “, which I`m going to 😉 “make” 😉 my husband read when I get married. These two books are treasures for us to keep our iman tazah and to know what is expected of us in different circumstances with all the people we connect with from our parents, our spouses, our brothers and sisters, and our neighbours. I truly recommend it for everyone.

From the book mentioned above I read that Hazoor Pak ka irshad-e-paak hain:

“The muslim `s prayer for another muslim sister/brother in his absence, will be answered. There is an angel at her/his head who, whenever she/he prays for her/his sister/brother says “ameen, and you shall have likewise””.

Hazoor Paak has also said:

“None of you truly believe until he likes for his brother, what he likes for himself”.

This goes straight to our imaan. If we are pure of heart and want the best for each other we will also pray for each other no matter what. And those prayers will Inshallah be answered as long as they are without holding any grudge or anything. When you care for someone you do pray for them also:)

The Prophet Muhammad has also said:

“It is not permissible for a muslim to be estranged from his brother for more than three days, both of them turning away from one another when they meet. The better of them is the one who is first to greet the other” .

Some of the ethics described in the book is ” Do not break of ties with one another, do not turn away from one another, do not hate one another, do not envy one another”.

The Prophet Muhammad has said

“The doors of Paradise are opened on Monday and Thursday, and every servant whom does not associate anything with Allah will be forgiven, except for the man who bears a grudge against his brother. It will be said wait for these two until they reconcile, wait for these two until they reconcile, wait for these two until they reconcile”.

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