The superb recipe for making the most delicious chai tea :)

You can only make this magnificent:) tea, in case you don`t have any kettle nearby to make the ordinary english tea. Also make sure you are on a break in case you’re at work 😉 and really want delicious tea. Perhaps after you have eaten a big lunch with gobi ka sallan and bread:)

Just want to make this clear that this is a new invented chai tea and has probably never been tried anywhere else in the world 😉 So please pay attention:) it`s very easy but the smallest amount of not following the recipe precisely can make an immense effect on the tea`s taste. And we really don`t want that to happen 😉

Oki so what you need:
A BIG cup of milk
A teabag – preferably a PG-teabag
I ts of sugar

Here`s What you do : You take the cup of milk and put the teabag in it and put the cup in the microwave for exactly 110 seconds. You can check if the tea is ready:) The time might differ from what brand of microwave you have 😉 though I tried this at home several times, and used the same amount of time at home and at work 🙂 While the tea is getting ready, you can think of something pleasant:) Make sure you don`t dream yourself away.. (hehe) If that has been the case several times before it would be a good idea to put a timer on your watch 😉
When the microwave stops, you take out the tea and stir well, take out the teabag, add 1 ts of sugar, and VOILA
your tea is ready! Enjoy! In case you are over time of your break, I`m sure your boss wouldn`t mind you taking a teabreak, when you have a lot of workload 😉

And just in case anyone wonders 😉 this is not silly :-p hehe this is not only fun but you can make a wonderful tasty tea in a few minutes:) In case you find this so delicious that you start drinking too many cups daily. In that case you should repeat this for yourself a few minutes whenever you get time : I am not addicted to tea, I am not addicted to tea.. 😉

And I take no responsiblity in case of any addiction occurs after you follow this recipe:) (hehe)

It is recommended that you share this with your hubby to be, or your hubby, just so that he knows what kind of tea you like:)

Have a wonderful day jii:) This was for You:) (hint) 😉

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