Mum`s home-made cooking:)

I remember I asked mum once when I was younger; what made the food taste so delicious?? Mum would answer with a smile on her face that it`s the amount of love and care you put in the cooking:) I always think of that whenever I eat something home-made. And especially something my Mum made. Just yesterday she made some really tasty stuffed karelein. On ordinary basis, I actually have never liked karelein, since Mum made them and forced me to have a bite, I really enjoyed it. Now I`m so-called hooked to it. 😉 Conclusion 😉 Mums have a magic effect on the food they make.. You may say that I`m a bit pendo, but I don`t mind that:) But I must say ke haath se koi khana khanein mein bhi ziada mazah ata hain, compared to eating with cutlery. Like for instance on Eid I ate Mum`s home-made savayan with my hands and they tasted amazing:) Let`s face it I`m pendo inside out 😉 hehe.. proudie me:)

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