The pressurized people whom can`t vote.. Yet :)

ice creamOne doesn`t need to have kids oneself to see the amount of pressure which they are put through nowadays. Different kinds of channels have different kinds of programs, that most of the kids would do anything to watch almost all day if they could. The thing is that kids are really pressurized a lot, nowadays maybe lots more than before. Even though I remember the pressure from when I grew up as well. Though talking about today kids have to buy certain clothes and certain shoes to fit in their friends click. A lot of the kids measure the others in what brand they are wearing. It does matter which part of the town your kid’s school is placed. Mostly I would say it depends on how their parents look at this issue and what kind of values they inject in their children. Although the type of friends they have also makes a difference. Because of the media I would say kids are under a lot of pressure to fit in and get the “right” friends to get popular.

This make me think about those ones whose parents maybe can`t afford every expensive thing they have on their list and maybe a lot of stuff that others easily buy, they can`t. I`ve thought about it sometimes that for instance if you send your kid out with an ice cream, and a lot of other kids can`t afford, hypothetically speaking, how would that make them feel? Do you think this will increase their self-confidence or not? Not only that, the other kids make fun of those kids that can`t afford it. They wave the ice cream in his/her face and says “really delicious chocolate flavour, so bad you don`t have one”. Would you say nice or cruel person? You get the picture. If kids do something like this than I hope their parents stop them. And if adults are making their kids do this than Allah please inhein hidayat ata karein. If adults have this kind of attitude towards other adults, than Allah inhein bhi hidayat ata karein. (Ameen sum ameen). This reminds me of the thought that for instance in Islam we don`t eat food in front of someone who maybe fasting, do we? Nope, that would be cruel. I would say this goes in a sort thinking that you don`t want the other to feel bad about fasting.

In Pakistan where there`s a big class difference, much more than here in Norway. The schools solve that in a different manner. They have uniforms for the kids. Though I`m not that sure if it works, cause kids can still have expensive accessorize. I believe a lot parents that are familiar with this group pressure, really take time before they decide which school their kid should enrol in. And I`m sure I`m going to emphasize that when I will be a parent myself one day. Allah sab ke haq me behtar faisla karein. Ameen sum ameen.

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