One of my memorable pep talks :)

I remember one pep talk that I had with my bro, a few years ago, which I would like to share with you:) I remember at that time, something that is more common these days, we talked about having a boyfriend. Yeah, like any person I noticed that people around me was getting into this whole boyfriend type of thing and I wanted to talk with my bro about it, what he thought about it. It was common at that time and even more common these days that people have been into a relationship and maybe several before they get married. What I remember he told me is something that made a great impact on me. He said that persons that have been with someone before they get married, will always live their life comparing the one before with the one after, and always be in the thinking of “what if”. What if i didn`t, or what if i did. They will have more difficulties being happy with what they have, because they will always compare the one they have with the one before. You all know that like there is something great about someone, there will always be something that annoys you about the same someone. If you don`t have anyone to compare with, I would say you would always be more satisfied, and be without all those “what if`s”. Another thing that I talked about with a friend of mine, when we were talking about finding Mr right:) Is that I don`t think any person in this world will have difficulties to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. It`s not that there aren`t people out there! The thing is to find the person that is right for you, and that person whom you would like to live with for a lifetime and even eternity. That`s the toughest part:)

To sum it up I would say, wait for Mr Right and don`t jump from one to another in hope of finding love. Most of the times you won`t get anywhere with that lifestyle.

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