Guys and girls friendships

I know that this phenomena is very common these days, and is not even seen as a bad thing by parents nowadays. Though I must say that I`m totally against the fact that girls mix freely with guys and vice versa. I don`t want to know what`s common or what`s cool to do. All I want to know and what I want to do is the right thing. This is not ok for me. I would never approve that my hubby, when I get married that is, would have a girl as a friend. I don`t want to know the utts and buts, all I want to say is that it`s not ok with me. And that person who`m respects me and loves me would always keep that in mind whenever he has to interact with a girl, whoever she might be.

Living in Norway and working in an office, it`s impossible to say; You can`t talk to anyone but me. I know that is not the issue. We have to interact normally at work and of course in a public arena. I draw the line for my hubby to be, to have any other girls as friends. Mostly guys don`t see this as an issue, cause they don`t even share everything with their beloved, but from those that I know, this does make a big difference. I remember one time when I was going to the university, I was talking to a friend that worked at a shop their. Later I found out that she was the wife of my brothers friend. As I got to know here I remember I talked quite freely with her as she was my big sis. We were talking about marriage and people, especially guys having a past. What she said that day made a great impact on me. She said that I wish I could erase my husbands past. He had been into these kinds of friendships before, and she said that just knowing that he once was with someone else really hurt her. Although he was really nice and a great husband, she wished that she could erase his past. Thinking about that thing today, I would agree with her if I would be in such a situation.

For all you people out there I would only say one thing; for Gods sake don`t play around. Keep yourself busy with your parhai or your work, and when it`s time to get married, get married and nibhana it. And when you do get married, surely I hope you know what a sacred bond it is before you get into that, and that you will be faithful, caring and respectful towards your soul mate. Allah sab ke haq me behtar faisla karein.. Ameen summa Ameen.

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