“Lets come together” Eid Mubarak

The stars are shining on us.
Leading our way.
Showing us the right path.
From the beginning and till the end.
When we start to seek,
the knowledge within The Book,
We will find guidance,
be inspired to live our life,
to bring our souls to eternal bliss.

Lets come together
and make a difference.
Not only for us and our loved ones,
but for the whole of humanity.
Lets live in peace
and spread positivity.
Living in harmony,
if everyone could think
the confident thought,
Bring it not only to words;
But in to conduct one day..
there will not be a person,
without a roof,
or any kid without any food.
Lets come together.
For the sake of mankind.
Making that difference
that can move mountains.
Where every sentence,
glows a bright attitude.
Where the talking leads to change.
Where every word has a cause.
InshaAllah the day will come,
when meaning of life
will remain in peace.

-Ameen sum ameen -Eid Mubarak:)

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