When you sprain your ankle twice in two days..

A few days ago when my alarm rang and I had to stand up for work.. I jumped out of bed was so enthusiastic na 😉 that I sprained my ankle. It could have been that I was a bit late too 😉 I sprained it the day before also but not that much ke it hurt so. But this resulted in me not going to work so I had to leave for the medical emergency service to have it checked.

Luckily my mum went with me:) You maybe recognize the feeling that when you hurt yourself somehow it`s like one becomes a child, so it was extra comforting when mum went with me:) When we arrived at the medical centre we waited a bit and a nurse checked how the ankle was doing, before I got som crutches and we had to wait for the x-ray, ke shaid fracture tou nahi hogaya.

There were a lot of people in the waiting room. A few of them were badly hurt. One was crying out in pain. I reckon she was from the Norway cup cause she was wearing a sweater from there. Sitting there and waiting some more I was thinking ke “mera gham kitna kam hain” in a sence.. Here there are a few people who`m may have injured themselves badly, and here I`m sitting because of a “lil” sprain.. Alhamdolillah ke I`m doing fine, I thought. Isi liye kehte hainna ke har haal me shukrAlhamd karna chahiye:) Allah koi muskhil waqt kabhi bhi na kise pe layein..

It was just a “lil” sprain, thank God. Not a big deal, “it will be fine in a few days”, the doctor said.. Leaving the medical emergency service, I felt kind of blessed that is was just a bit pain compared to those who`m injured themselves badly. Isn`t it wierd that a “lil” sprain can make you feel even more blessed 🙂 Allah sab pe karam karein or sab ke haq me behtar faisla karein 🙂 Ameen sum ameen..

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