The issue about a few family members.

I don`t think it ever can happen that you don`t have any expectations to your family members. It is simply not possible. Sometimes they fulfil those expectations other times it goes the other way around. You have to understand, ke noone else can give you the ajar for your good deeds but Allah. As long as you have done your best you should be happy and satisfied! You have said it yourself na: You are the one who needs to tap on your own back when you have done something good:) Woh issliye ke you will get it back one day, Inshallah:) So if someone treats you ungratefully let that be something between him and God. Just simply shrug it off your shoulders and think more about your nearest and dearest ones. Next time that person asks for any favour do more than before! Why?? hehe 😉 woh issliye keh phir unhein ehsas hoga ke, I didn`t treat him/her well despite that he/she is treating me so well. Un logon ke dil mein yeh khayal zaror aye gha. No greater lesson than that is there 😉

What actually happens is that people who`m forget these favours that they get from their family members will one day or the other realize that fact. Even if they don`t admit it to those people who`m deserve to get an apology from them. Allthough I must admit I have stopped being too nice to people who`m have only one thing on their mind, which is how they can make me upset somehow. Those kinds of people doesn`t deserve my company. Everyone has people like that in their family’s, simply stay away from them. They will only bring you down. 🙂 Take care of yourself! 🙂

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