Bye bye birdie.. Come back next year :)

Since summer started one starts to notice all the beautiful creatures of Allah joh ke saamne atein hain. Like all summer we`ve had a bunch of birdies flying around in our neighborhood. It was so fun to look at them, to see them flying, like taking the loop sometimes and waakehi apni ada dikhana:) Really magnificent and beautiful birds:) I asked someone at work and she thinks that they are swallows (taksvaler). They sort of reminded me of the birdies flying around Kabah Sharif in Mekka so they we`re sort of extra special to me:) I tried to capture the “kodak” moment 😉 hehe but my camera wasn`t good enough. Not to talk about all the butterflies.. Wow:) One day back from work this week I saw about 14 butterflies in one day in about two hours:) unbelievable na:) It`s amazing if you ask me:) Oslo is the most beautiful city to live in, especially at summer time:)

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