Being thankful at all times..

The people who are thankful at all times has a gift within themselves. I surely do hope they know about that. I often think about that whenever life is tough it is so easy to just say, that today it`s been too much for me. But when you come to think about the fact that life is a test, than that thought kind of disappears. More or less. Whenever I`m down I take a look around myself and see how much
there is that I take for granted that I have. Or maybe take a look at the people around me whenever I`m walking to town. I think a lot about the fact that there is no person in this world that has a perfect life, we people have some good qualities as some not that good qualities and whatever we do there will always be something we can do better, and no matter which end you look in the one person you are looking at may have difficulties that you don`t, just like you have some worries that they don`t. When one looks at life in perspective that does help a lot. Like prioritizing what is important in life.

That is how life is, a test that we need to pass. Each and every has their share of ups and downs. Happy moments are a part of life just like sad times. If life would always been great and sorrow free than we might not have appreciated all the happy moments that much, would we? 🙂 I do find peace when I think about this. Life is truly a treasure. Being happy at all the small and big joys of everyday life sparkles up your soul. When one finds peace within one starts passing that brightness to the people around yourself and life becomes more and more beautiful.

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