How should one handle tough people?

No workplace will ever be without some people who will do their out most to try to make your day less brighter than theirs. Somehow they`ll try to make you feel less worthy than them. Sometimes I think that it`s because one has another color or another religion. Who knows? It could be! Though I don`t have any proof for it.. On a piece of paper that is 😉 Apne ap ko tasalli deti houn is thought se, that my parents use to tell me ke you`ll find some people who you can`t come along with in any way in life along with people you do get along with. That is just how it is. So running from such a place is not a good idea, because one can`t know what will happen at another workplace.

Allthough I admit not all are alike. Most of them are nice and keep their noses out of others personal business. I do love my job and I`m grateful for it as well 🙂 Most of my colleagues give me plenty of support and we work together as a great team 🙂 On the other hand there are a few of those who`m don`t know the universal values, that are difficult. I guess they know those values but neglect them. I have tried talking to them. Though must confess it does a few times make the whole situation worse. The thing is that they mostly come with remarks undirectly. That way one can`t catch them for what they are saying. It`s sad cause what will happen? Yup one way or the other they will get it back. Maybe someone close to them will have a difficult time? I hope from the bottom of my heart that people open up their eyes and sees people regardless of their color and religion and starts treating them with respect. That we all deserve. Listening to remarks like, “go back where you came from”. Make me think that I`m just as much norwegian as you are, because I`m born in this country, I pay taxes and have just as many rights as any native norwegian has. Though I`ve always felt more Pakistani than norwegian and these types of remarks makes that believe even stronger..

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