Your kids future depends on you!

I`ve seen that there are a lot of asian families that are settled abroad, whom don`t seem to know the importance of learning the language of the country they settle in. Without knowing the language they face a lot of difficulties throughout their lifetime, from upbringing of their kids till when they grow old. Who haven`heard about a kid who has called to the doctor for his parents just because they can`t speak the language. The kids have to act like a grown up helping their parents understand what is said. This has an extremely bad effect on the children. Too much burden is put on their shoulders. They don`t get the chance to be kids when they ARE just kids.

Every person that lives abroad should understand that both the parents should know the language of the country they are earning their living in. Mostly what happens is that the father is out working and the mother is home taking care of the kids. But how can she help them fully without knowing enough about what`s happening outside their home or without knowing how to communicate in norwegian. She wouldn`t be able to help the kids which could lead to giving them a bad start. Which again could hunt them for the rest of their life. The kids needs support and if they won`t find it at home they`ll seek it elsewhere and could easily bump into bad company.

This issue arises mostly in families where they marry someone from Asia whom they bring abroad. Meaning that one of the partner is well established here. On the contrary the parents who came here in the late 1970 have given their children lots and lots of support to help them become a good contributer to the society. More and more of asian girls are taken higher education now. The boys are following but still are a bit behind. Finally most of these young adults are know seeing the benefit of finding a companion also brought in the same country as them, who also have parents that came from Pakistan to Norway. Maybe meaning less hassle, more understanding and supportiveness towards each other and a healthier life for the couple.

The bottom line is don`t hold back the partner in the relationship. Let both of you take the responsibility of being in an companionship. Both of you should stribe to be an active part of this society and become a wonderful parent. For that some basics are needed. And i believe that learning the language has one of the highest ranks on that list 🙂

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