I`m just a girl.. Don`t mind me..

I`m the youngest one of my siblings, where i have mostly brothers. As being a girl and the youngest one is not the best combination always. Don`t take me wrong. Although it`s great to have brothers and everything they might be a bit overprotective about what`s happening in your life, and wants to protect you against everything almost always. I understand that they all care for me, though if everyone is going to make my decisions for me than I won`t be able to have that confidence in me to live my life and find my way. I`ve worked with this a lot and become more and more confident about myself. Though I sometimes think that what would be “death” for me is if I one day would get an overprotective husband as well.

Asian families are known as being more overprotective towards their daughters than their sons. This is the worst thing you can do to your kids. You have to have faith in your kids. Teach them all the good universal values and let them take their own decisions. Guide them don`t make their decisions! Soon the generation will change and Inshallah will the kids be brought up more equally. Inshallah they will be given the right upbringing to make them wonderful independent beings to have lots of guts to face what their life has to offer. I have a dream.. 🙂

One thing is for sure though. I have been very protected in my life, but it has kept me from coming into bad company as well. So I`m thankful for that.

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