“Kids nowadays” just like my Mum used to say..

I`ve heard a saying that goes something like

if you want to hear the truth ask the kids because you`ll get a lot of it from them

..without censor.. There`s something about this that catches my mind. Everything just gets out of their mouth without them thinking it through. This has led me to the conclusion that there has come a change between the kids that grew up before and the ones that are being brought up nowadays. I feel kids have lost their innocence. Sometimes they talk about stuff that I never even knew about when I was at their age. Although I must admit my childhood was quite protected, being the youngest sibling. Anyway the kids learn a lot at school but I reckon it’s the media that has most of their attention, internet and especially television telling the kids everything from A to Z about everything…

Maybe I`m a bit old fashioned when I say that I wish we could protect the kids more than we do. I think the parents should not let the kids watch too much television or sit on the net all by themselves. The parents should know what the children`s are watching and not let the media take over the upbringing but have the total control in their own hand. If I could influence the parents I would say never let the kids sit alone on the net or watch television without you knowing anything about the program. Be strict and become their inspiration in doing outdoor activities by setting a good example. Occupy them with healthy habits from the start, like reading books or different kinds of exercises to trim their mind as well. Just take a trip to the bookstore nearby and see if you can find something useful.

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