Yup it`s confirmed. Give me some paper and i`ll sign it right away. What am I babbling about you would ask? Here is the answer: I sort of get so annoyed when I think about some of the bad company some people have. And they don’t do anything about it at all. I mean I would rather have none friends than to have so called friends who try to make me unhappy or influence me into making decisions that aren`t good for me. I`ve seen it so many times now, that today I`m really ticked off. I don’t have many friends but for me true meaning of friendship is being there for each other no matter what, and standing up for your friends in their days of need, giving your best advice to make their difficulties less difficult and listening to them. For God`s sake people look around you 🙂 you do have a lot of wonderful friends but just leave the people who try to misguide you behind! And continue the friendships with people who know you and wants what`s best for you!

And for the people who try to misguide others: Allah apko hidayat ata karein. Ameen sum ameen.

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