People in crises

The zakat is from wealth that you have had at least a year. Most muslims give zakah in ramadan, because the reward for fardh deeds in ramadan is 70 times more. There are about 1,8 billion muslims in the world. Thats almost 24% of the worlds population. Imagine if they start giving charity. In a survey last year pakistanis worldwide were number one of those ethnicities of those who gave increasingly charity. That means, that we can help many people if we join hands. Giving charity gives baraqah in our life. And it protects us from the fire. Even though we might ourselves be experiencing trouble with finances because of quarantine. Still remember those people back home, whom are in worse trouble than us. And zakah is not optional. If we have the wealth, we have to give it. I plead all of the ummah to start giving their zakah as soon as possible, so that we can help those families who are increasing in poverty because of the corona-crises. May Allah forgive us, and help us help those entitled for help. Aamen

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