Increase of male populations

Islam made Polygami the solution for women because of many battles, where the increase of widows who needed a care-taker. But look at the society today. In China and in India there are more men than women. The result is that it is tougher competition between the males to find a spouse and keep her. We hear about crimes regarding sexual assault in India. The reason can be that many males does not get married because there aren’t as many women there. In China they arrange courses for single men, to help them attract a future wife and how to keep her. In these countries many families have aborted the female foster. In india the dowry women have to give to their husband, make many families consider an abortion. In China, they are only allowed to have one child, so the family’s prefer the sons, so they can be taken care of. It is very praiseworthy that China helps their single men. And find solutions to keep the crime rate low. I think India could learn from this. Especially since the crime rate of sexual assaults in India are very devastating.

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