Is Caste-system still valid?

In my grand grandparents life, they lived in India before the partition of Pakistan. Living in a culture where hindus, Sikhs and muslims lived in the same country had an impact on the communities. Today Pakistani still use castes / tribes to recognize people. Tribalism is not so apparent as before.
What I have understood from the caste system of Pakistani is that, there is a name for your profession. And the caste – name is the name of those people who have that profession. In my grand grand parents time. There were not so many options for education. So parents taught their children their profession. So the same profession of a family could be transferred through many generations. Today life has become easier. Despite the percentage of children who can’t afford an education. Still there are more options for children to complete a bachelor. A degree. They can choose within their skills. So nowadays, teachers children might not become teacher and so on. So if the caste system is for us to understand what tribe / profession someone belongs to, and the generations after have probably chosen other professions than their elder generation. Because of more opportunities. And because, many parents value the childrens right to choose. Therefore I want to question whether the caste system from our parents is still valid? Ok so maybe our grandparents were hairdresser.
Maybe the children of these hairdressers become doctor / bus-driver / teacher / lawyer. How can we now say, that these people are behaving like hairdressors, because their parents were hairdressors. When these children of today, have a different education than their parents / grandparents? How can we determine their qualities, skills, empathy, intelligence, socializing skills from what their parents have been doing?
How would you justify that a majority of Pakistani are still making choices for the choice of spouse, based on their caste?

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