Speak about empowering and forget ridiculing

Once I was on an Umrah trip to Saudi, our guide was speaking about the places he took us. We said to him that he is so lucky that he lives in this country. He can do Umrah or Hajj when he wants to. He replied that he likes living here. Apart from one thing. The people who live here has a lot of jealousy / envy in their heart for each other. So afflictions of evil-eye etc can be rampant. After living as an asian and had interaction with asians, what I see. especially when it comes to muslim and Pakistani is that their hassad towards each other is harming their unity. Although Islam came to purify us of these kind of bad qualities of the heart. Despite that, the envy, the stealing, the lying, the harming, the causing magic spells, is all on the rise. When people are with each other, it looks like they are good friends. If we had time to analyze what is happening behind the scenes, lot of hatred would come to the surface. All I have to say is that because of this disunity muslim Pakistanis are suffering. If we instead help empower each other and our own self, to increase our self-esteem and selfconfidence, we would soon realize and accept, that we are blessed differently. We could increase in gratitude for what we have achieved. We would compare us with those who have less. so that we can thank Allah, by also to thank those who helped us. The young are in even greater trouble when it comes to this. Because many of these have had training by their mothers who have master degree in indian / pakistani dramas. We need to change this. We need to do something. It is only when we are able to change this trend, that we can see, people discussing / debating on pakistani tv-channel without name-calling and harassing. A good debate is harmed by people who speak about people when they have no response to the debator. How can we start changing this from today? To help our country prosper?

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