Is slapping children «ok» ?

What is the right way to help children make right choices early in life? In Pakistan slapping a child once in a while is part of parenthood. In Norway using violence can make the authorities move the child to another fosterhome. So many parents have difficulties understanding how to help their children and teenagers make less mistakes, within the law of Norway. I have seen parents make rules for the children to abide. And also write the consequences of them breaking them. And then if they abide by the rules, they get a star / an promised gift etc. And if they break the rules they will have to do extra chores, or not have access to basics : going out to play sports, no social media, no phone etc.
And of course the famous : ‘grounded’ (you lose everything for 3 months, because of that violation of the parents rules. Hitting children, will only increase to the problem. Nowadays communities also have parenthood courses to help parents with their responsabilities without them losing their children to the child care system. Learning also from each other. Reading books. And talking to other parents and friends can help give important help and guidelines.

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