Time Is Precious.

good use of makes the time even more preciousWe haven`t really understood the fact that time is precious and it is never coming back. What is spent can never be utilized again. I have understood that Twitter, FB, Mobile-devices and Ipad, has actually limited our freedom. If some people call us or sends us a message, and we don`t reply at once, we would be in serious trouble. The feeling of always being available, is killing our peace of mind.

It Will Not Return

You will need an excuse if you take too much time in the toilet. We need to save our lives from this obsession. We need to find freedom of not always being available. Nobody is going to die. Rather we will gain some peace. Yes, we need that. 15-20 years ago, people also managed to meet people, even though they didn`t have phones. They knew that they would be back home after so and so much time. We were more relaxed towards each other. Nowadays, if God forbid you don`t answer one call, world-war-three starts the minute you come home. I choose whom I want to talk to. This does not mean that we ignore each other. It`s simply a shout out for need of more space. By not giving the time-thiefs any time, we will be able to spend time on what means the most to us. And that will make the whole difference.

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