When You Want To Impress Someone :)

Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi WasallamOne way of being loved by someone, is by doing something nice to the people they love, i.e their children or parents. In that way you would show the person that you care for the people they care for. People love to listen to genuine praise about the people they love. If we talk about Allah in this context, than whom does Allah love the most? Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When we praise and send salutations to our Prophet (pbuh), Allah blesses us ten times for each time we send one salam, and we achieve the love of the one we are sending blessings to also.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) knew the Quran but he loved it when others recited it to him, because of his love of listening to the Words of Allah that he loves the most. It is so lovely to read the interpretations of some druds, when you ask Allah to send salutations to our Prophet (pbuh) from us. May Allah make us from those who sends a lot of drud to our Prophet (pbuh). Ameen

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