Allah is one :)

Allah is oneOnce there was a woman who went to a scholar to ask for a solution to her problem. She told him that her husband was thinking about having a second wife and that she didn`t know what to do, as she was against that. Listening to her the scholar thought for a while when he suddenly fainted. He woke up again and fainted again. This happened several times. When he finally woke up the people who were gathered around him asked him why he fainted. So he said: “Here is this woman whom can`t stand that anyone will be in her place and that her husband has another partner. Than I thought about how Allah feels when people set up partners to Him, how He would be feeling and how angry that would make him. SubhanAllah.

Imagine, Of course, We understand the anger that Allah experiences when partners are set up against Him. But we can`t understand the anger or resentment of a woman when her husband is talking about a second wife. SubhanAllah, we need to open up our minds and understand this in sha Allah. ❤

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