Allah – The Most Patient :)

patience1Allah is so patient with us. We truly are not angels neither are we iblis (satan), though we are sometimes not as patient as we should be. Each and every person has either had difficulty in his/her life. How we react to a calamity when it strikes is what tells us whether we have sabr (patience) in us or not. If we are patient, than surely Allah is with the patient.

We don`t obey Allah`s rules, yet He grants us our wishes. People say He has begotten a son, when He is high above all that, yet they have a “good” life. People set partners to Him in worship, yet he grants what they ask of Him. Of course no person can be like Allah, but still think about it. Only He can have this much patience to His beings, that He gives respite to them, that maybe they will find their way back to Him, after sinning or disobeying Him in any way. Our mother might be like that even if we are the meanest ever, she would love us. Allah loves us more than 7 times more than our mother. It is impossible to understand how much love He has for us. Maybe the reason why he gives us respite all the time is that He loves us so much that he wants us to be with Him in Paradise.

When anyone wrongs us we want to make them be accountable for that at the very moment. Yet Allah has given every person respite til The Judgment Day. Even then He has promised that  he will be the best Judge and be just in everything He Decides. Not an atoms weight of in-justice will be done that Day. He is watching people who take advantage of the rules in the world, people who are killing other innocent children and women, yet He is giving them respite. They may have gotten away by being evil in this world, but not in the Hereafter. Then they will be punished for every evil thing they have done in this world. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)is the best example in being forgiving, when he forgave the people who killed some of his close relatives and mutilated the body. When she accepted Islam, he (pbuh) forgave her. These are the manners that he derived from the Quran. And what are we doing today, when brothers and sisters don`t forgive close relatives at all after minor mistakes. Even if they were big mistakes, haven`t we hear that if we won`t forgive other people, how can we accept that Allah will forgive us on the Day when the reckoning is going to be established. The Prophet has said that the person whom doesn`t forgive his brother when  he asks for forgiveness, will not be given the drink from The Fountain Kawthar on the Day of Judgment from our Prohpet (pbuh) and he does not want to see his face (that day there).

victoryIf Allah has such high thoughts about His creation, that we can exceed the angels, let us at least give it a shot and try to obey Him and live by his rules. Next time when something negative happens in your life, try to think about the fact that with patience comes victory. If you are not going to live by the rules set by Allah how can we expect Him to give us Paradise. And also remember that some people he tries by withholding, other people he tries by giving. And as a dai once said: ” Every blessing comes in pair of two, because with every blessing there is also a test”. If someone is given something and you become jealous of it, try to think that it is also a test with that blessing”. Don`t just look at the blessing and forget the test. Allah gives and gives to people who are content and grateful to Him, if you are like that than surely you will be of those that receive blessings in their life and their Hereafter and that is the eternal bliss.

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