Beating children is inhumane!

tear of fear1There has been lots of cases of people beating child servants. These children are working because of lack of money in their household, and not because they prefer it. Most probably they have to fight their way through every day earning just a little to survive.

Childbeating is not uncommon in a country like Pakistan. There are so many cases that even if people get jailed we hear about another incident somewhere else. It`s really cruel to think about the fact that our next generation has to work their health off like that to earn a bit of money. They aren`t getting enough help from their surroundings like they should.

What makes us so upset to hear is that people who themselves have children are beating their child servants like they are from some other species. Can`t they see others children as their own? If someone did this to their child, how would that make them feel? I believe it is the money they have that has gone to their head and made them believe that nothing can prevent them from doing what they want. They should remember that even if they have power over some servants, Allah has more power over them. If he wants he could make them pay, just like they make other miserable, in this world. And He probably would. Nevertheless they would be made accountable on judgement Day. Which will be a day of Horror for them like they are behaving.

Can you believe that there are muslims that are doing this? This isn`t the only country child labour is found. And also not the only country where muslims live. Even if they were non-muslims doing it is wrong and needs to be abolished. But not without giving the children another alternative, so they don`t become criminal to earn their living. Just look at the neighbouring country India, it is just as much widespread there as other countries. It has nothing to do with Islam, but why can`t at least muslims see this wrong? It has taken root in the whole society.

I can`t understand how one person as being a muslim can be so inhumane like that and hit their servants. It is not a islamic tradition. Our Prophet taught us to feed and clothe our servants with what we ourselves use. He (pbuh) said that one should free your slaves if you hit them, just once. Not to talk about the fact that our Prophet (pbuh) has said that the person who takes care of an orphan will be like this with him on Judgement Day, as close as two fingers. In another hadith it is told that if your slave has a lot of workload, help him because you are brothers, and when you have heavy workload your slave should help you. There are so many benefits but we blind ourselves by forgetting that these children also have dreams and hopes that also should also get a chance to come true.

dont argueWe Pakistanis have been set as the people whom give the most charity in many countries. If we use this incidents to push us to pay for more children’s education in Pakistan, we might be using our investment the right place. Living abroad it`s not easy to listen to news like this and just sit calmly like nothing has happened. Giving charity to this cause is the least that we could do to try to change their situation.

May Allah give guidance to every one that has servants in this world, and make them treat them like their own family so that they could be with our Prophet (pbuh) on judgement Day. May Allah give every child in the world opportunities to get an education so that they could be a means of success for the whole Ummah, ameen summa ameen.

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