Break a leg!

headacheIn today`s society people whom have a mental illness regardless of their health are disrespected and treated badly by others. People look down upon them call them with nicknames and treat them like they aren`t worth anything. I can`t believe the fact that people think that they are actually better than the one with a mental illness. Who knows who is best in Allah’s sight.

Looking down on others just because they are different means that you don`t even know what a life is worth. Allah made each an every creature in His own way. He knows everything. If someone is made a bit different from that person can be better than others. You don`t know but Allah knows. Who are we to judge others by their sickness.

I am sick and tired of people misbehaving towards other just because they are special people. The society we live in promote that everyone has to look beautiful in certain measurements and wear certain brands to be cool. That is totally wrong. We don`t need things to beautify us. A wonderful character is beautiful in itself. It doesn`t need tons of make-up or perfume to come into the different clicks.

Any illness regardless of its type is a test of Allah. It could be of any type. It could be because Allah loves them so much. Allah gives difficulties to the one He loves so that when that person shows patience in that struggle he becomes higher in status in Allah’s sight. Who are we to judge anyone?

In today’s society people judge others with mental illnesses just because they are different. I guess these people are judging others just because of the stereotypes they have seen on tv or commercials. What makes them say that those people are the one we should look like.

In Islam what MAKES a person is not their looks but it`s their inside, their heart, their intentions. If that is what Allah looks at, and He is the only one that has that power, than who do we think we are looking down on others with these kind of illnesses.

I have a dream and some goals and one of my prayers is that these kinds of discriminations in today’s society would vanish. It hurts my heart to see that people I look upto has these kinds of prejudices.

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