You can do it :-) I know you can :-)

you can do itSome people are so positive no matter what. Other get inspired to be positive from their surroundings. Every person has gone through tough times in their lives. What motivates others through is different from  people to people. But one thing is for sure if you have that inner voice in you that says: You can do it 😉 I know you can 😉 Than most probably whatever lemons life throws at you, you will be able to make your lemonade sweet and tasty 🙂

Remember that some people are just plain positive. Others have to work hard to keep on the positive thoughts in their life. Most of us need inspiration in our life. Those little sentences that says, “I believe in you”, are magical. They can make all the darkness go away and bring in all the light. It isn`t that tough. If you start giving your surroundings the right push towards positivity, you will surely get it back in one way or the other. I know, like you, that everything you give to others, one way or the other you get it back. So if you make your mind that from now on, I will only spread positive comments than that will come back to you. Even if you won`t recieve it all back in this life, you will certainly get a tremendous reward in the hereafter for living your life like our Prophet (pbuh).

This is a sadqa jariyah. A neverending sawabh. You spread something positive thought around and make others happy, and they in return make others happy and so the positive circle goes on. We just have to make our minds up that, this is what will give us eternal bliss. To spread those happy thoughts that pushes others to do good. In some way or the other.

A person that invites others to do good will get a reward that is better than red camels. That was the most precious animal to own in the time of the Prophet (pbuh). Just imagine where that will take you.

Remember, be happy for others successes. When you will be happy for others, Allah will in sha Allah give you so much in return. Wish for your brothers/sisters what you wish for yourself. Don`t pull others down, it will only come back to you one day. Instead pray for your siblings, so that the goodness will come back to you. When you pray for others it heals your heart and all your sorrow and you become more happy. If you don`t believe it, try it out. You won`t be sorry. Remember that when we  pray for other people in their absence, an angel by our side, says: ” ameen, and you shall have something similar”. So you will only gain from it. Remember, true happiness lies in making other people happy. Seeing others happy will make you happy too 🙂 It doesn`t cost a thing to lift someones spirit, but in return, that person will always remember you for helping them throuht their tough times. And voila, you have made yourself another friend 😉

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