The most successful wife :)

Allah elsker degShe is obedient, kind and loving towards her husband, ever eager to please him. She does not disclose his secrets or upset his plans. She stands by him at times of hardship, offering her support and wise advice. She shares his joys and sorrows.

She endears herself to him by the way she looks and behaves, and fills his life with joy and happiness. She encourages him to obey Allah in various ways, and motivates him by joining him in numerous activities.

She respects his parents and family. She refrains from looking at other men. She keeps away from foolish and worthless talk. She is keen to provide an atmosphere of peace and stability for her husband and children.

She is strong in character without being rude or aggressive and is kind and gentle without being weak. She earns the respect of those who speaks to her. She is tolerant and forgiving, overlooking errors and never bearing grudges.

Thus, the muslim wife deserves to be the most succesful wife. She is the greatest blessing that Allah may bestow upon a man and an incomparable source of joy in this life. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said :

“This world is nothing but temporary conveniences, and the greatest joy in this world is a righteous woman”.

For every muslimah out there, this is something to strive for. To be the best wifey we could to our hubby`s so that we one day will achieve Paradise together, in sha Allah.
(From the book, The Ideal Muslimah).

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