It`s important to help others BUT..!

let it goWe muslims have a responsibility to help others who are worse out then us. It is a hadith that like for your brother what you like for yourself. Though sometimes when one act upon this, it could go wrong.

For instance if you are jeopardizing you love and understanding with your loved ones than you can lose a lot if you don`t do the right thing. What kind of person goes on helping other families if he sees that he`s own issues can increase because of that. I guess not anyone whom has the right priorities in life. Your loved ones comes first, and then anyone else.

I can understand that when you see other in trouble, you want to help. Though it is important to understand that if it could ruin your life at home, you shouln`t do it. No matter what.

Understand what your priorities in life are and how you are setting it up. Who is NOT your number one and who IS your number one, and prioritize putting that list in your head before you do something. Or else you might be succesful in helping others but lose you own loved ones. Can you ever risk that? Think about where you are heading!

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