The perfect Islamic couple, some goals to reach :)

Husband and wife are not made to serve each other, they are made to complete each other.
They want to spend their eternal life together in Jannah, so they try their out most to help each other do lot of good deeds.
They have the best understanding of each other, they know what makes one angry, loved or sad and they try to live up to making each other happy.
When they want to correct each other, they do it privately and not in front of any family member or friends.
They are not afraid of giving each other feedback, but they do it without sarcasm and looking down on each other.
They give each other space and are not clingy.
They care for each other and love each other unconditionally.
They remember to do those little things that makes a big difference in the way that one feels loved and cared about. They want to learn more about Islam together and they apply what they learn as well.
They try to follow the sunnah and the sahaba in their life.
They try their outmost to not do anything un-islamic that can make a way to hellfire.
They want their every minute to give them a reward, so that the angels at their side write down a good deed for them. They don`t watch movies or tv-serials.
They spend their time watching lectures by different aalims to become a better human being.
They push each other to do good deeds.
They set an example for their kids with their character that they have learned from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
They love each other for the sake of Allah and are nice and respectful to each other because that is what the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the sahaba karaam has taught them.
They want their children to learn a lot about Islam from an early age so that they can start applying it as soon as they become mature enough.
They are doing a wonderful work with dawah and Islah for our younger generations of muslims.
The have one goal, to live and breathe for Islam.

If this is a islamic couple`s dream, do you think it is achievable? May Allah grant us righteous spouses and give us an opportunity to serve Islam and set an example by being one of the best couple`s ever. Ameen summa ameen.

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