In order to live a content life you need to be able to forgive people

Sometimes one meets people one get a long with, or you dislike something in them, and in fewest times they become your enemy. We people are different from each other and some people i get a long with, you might not like at all. Each and every have their own way of thinking and behaviour, either they bring them closer or further away from each other.

Sometimes things one do in one’s life can make people disliking them. Other times their attitude towards life brings them closer to each other.

If some people have ever hurt you some time knowingly or unknowingly in your life, pray to Allah and forgive them. Because no-one can know what the intention of the other person was. There is one hadis where a sahabi was in a war against non-muslims where one of his fellow sahabi was killed. The killer got seized by a sahabi that saw him killing his fellow sahabi and was going to kill him when he said the shahada (embraced Islam). Even though the sahabi heard him say that he believed in the God of Muhammad the sahabi killed him. When this news came to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) he approached that particular sahabi whom killed the new muslim and said over and over again that did you see his heart, how could you know if he was saying the truth or not, i.e how could you kill him when you didn`t know. SubhanAllah! Only Allah knows our intentions. Even if someone hurts you, it could be that it wasn`t his / her intention to do that and that it wasn`t on purpose.

The Prophet has said many times that the person whom loves for his brother what he loves for himself has his emaan on the right place. Meaning pray what you want to happen to yourself, that it happens to the whole Ummah, not only you, but everyone. When you do that one of the Angels that are with us humans 24/7 would say ” and you shall have something similar”. SubhanAllah! The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to be sincere in our religion, and when we are miraculous things happen. Either we get what we prayed for our we get a substitute that is far better than what we wanted. Allah knows best 😉 We pray and pray that Allah give me this, give me that, but only Allah knows if that thing or that person is good or bad for us. And as Allah wants, so happens. If it is meant to happen nothing can take it away, and if not, nothing can bring it closer. Be content with what you have. Allah knows what is best for each and every and the best to decide. If Allah has decided something for you, be happy and contended and know it is for the best.

Actually if you love someone and that person is someone else`s don`t use too much energy in making that person’s life miserable. After all if you truly love that person you would actually pray that he / she is happy, you wouldn`t make his /her life more miserable. If you would do that it isn`t love, that is obsession and hate. And where there is obsession and hate there is no room for love.

When we show gratitude to Allah he bestows us with so many blessings that we can`t even imagine. Just keep on praying and being sincerely thankful and so Allah will make your life the most pleasant life ever. Because when we are truly thankful to Allah and that can be seen in our conduct Allah showers even more blessings on us. And voila 😉 you ARE happy 😉

It`s not hard, you need to believe that everything happens for a reason. Most of the things that happens to us is pre-decreed. Although we are entitled to change some by what we do in our life, because we have a mind and can differentiate between right and wrong. But Allah knows what we are going to do in every situation of our life, so he has recorded it. Believe me sometimes something happens to us, and we cry to Allah, that why did that happen, and it goes a couple of years and we see why. Yes , because something better was going to happen, and to give you that something better, Allah needed to take something away from you in order to give you something much better.

It`s incredible, but I know now that Allah knows best, and you if you do not know, you will InshaAllah soon find out 😉 SubhanAllah! Be happy with what you have and you are of the richest of people. SubhanAllah 😉

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