Put your trust in Allah!

When you put your trust in Allah nothing can or will go wrong, inshaAllah. Even if it comes hurdles or troubles in the way, inshaAllah they will disappear when you pray to Allah. SubhanAllah. Allah doesn`t let one prayer go un-answered, so why should we ever lose hope in Him. SubhanAllah!
Though there will always come people whom deliberately will try to put you down, the leg-pullers that they are. Maybe because they are jealous or that they can`t see other people happy. Some wise people said that if you can`t see other people than you happy than there is definitely something wrong with your imaan. Allah in leg-pullers ko hidayat ata farmayen. Ameen. May Allah bless us all in every possible way. Ameen summa ameen. Remember to always pray the five prayers on time they are supposed to be prayed, and keep on asking Allah for every help ever, He is the solution to all our issues. SubhanAllah. May Allah bless us all. Ameen summa ameen.

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