We are ambassadors of Islam

One would become a better dai by being a better human being. We can`t call ourselves good muslims by all the backbiting and lying each and every person does. By working on our universal values, we can be better ambassadors for our religion as well. Sometimes in between my work and home i sometimes get the idea that i want to become a dai. Though actually we are dai`s each and every Muslim/Muslimah. Other non-muslims learn or think what Islam is by the muslim people`s conduct. If we are good muslims from our heart and obey the rules and regulations in islam than also the non-muslims will want to become successful as well by converting to Islam. I`m counting in myself in, that I need to learn more about Islam and strive to become a better Muslimah. I have seen that some people neglect what our Prophet has taught us about Ikhlas. If we with the hadis sharif manage to put the ikhlas of our Prophet in conduct than inshaAllah we will see people around us wanting to learn more about Islam and being eager to talk to us about it, because our Prophet has the perfect conduct anyone could ever have, MashaAllah.

When we will portray the true message of what Islam is by our conduct, we would become wonderful human beings and second we would inshaAllah one day become better muslims. Discussion is healthy, but what we need to focus on is ikhlas in every matter, also in discussions, so that the people would want to learn more about our Prophet, whom has taught us this behaviour. If we win all the arguments then the other side might become angry and lose sight of what is right or wrong, because in anger one can`t think right. Though if we are genuinely kind to others like our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was kind, in our conduct than that would rub over on our surroundings, be at work or home and they would also inshaAllah want to become a Muslim/Muslimah.

When we read comments of articles or blogs at different islamic sites, we see muslims almost fighting with non-muslims or being very rude when they answer them back, they would think that every Muslim/Muslimah is like that. And because of that they won`t want to become muslims. When we from our conduct give a bad impression of Islam by not following it correctly, people will go away from Islam. What kind of dai`s are we then? The opposite of what we actually should be, don`t you think? I`m not saying that we should be flattering to everyone, i`m saying that we should be genuinely kind like our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was.

The conclusion is that we as muslim should learn more about our religion and be sincere in adhering it to our daily lives, so that other non-muslims would inshaAllah admire us and want to adopt our behaviour that we have learned from our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into their life. This would push them to learn more about our Prophet Muhammad and Islam. We are dai`s either we want to be it or not, it comes along with the tag Muslim/Muslimah, so let’s do the best of it 😉 When it is our responsibility we would also be questioned about it from Allah Subhanatalah on judgement day. So why not make such a wonderful impression that we InshaAllah can achieve jannah in account of it 😉 Ameen summa ameen.

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