Our Mum takes cares of us.

Our Mum is always listening an praying for us.

Our Mum wants us to have the best in the life and hearafter.

Our Mum is truly a blessing sent to us from heaven.

Our Mum no one can ever take her place.

Our Mum she relieves us from our sorrow and gives us happiness.

Our Mum will always be in our heart.

Our Mum, she is the first we think of when something good or bad happens to us.

Our Mum, to serve her is a one-way-ticket to jannah a good life and hearafter.

Our Mum, when we ask her for something she would never say “no”.

Our Mum she is the one that would do anything for us to keep us happy.

Our Mum, we ough her so much and could never repay any bit of all that she has blessed us with.

Our Mum, she is the best advice-giver for all time.

Our Mum lives inside of us and is a part of us forever.

May we all keep take care of our Mum and those mums whom have left the world, may Allah keep them under his bestest blessings. Ameen summa ameen.