Friendships and marriage

In Islam friendships between women and men are not allowed. As far as they aren`t brother and sister. Living in an un-islamic country, it is quite difficult to not see anyone whom is with someone, even in Pakistan it isn`t seen as a big deal. All I have to say is that when I am going to get married, what I put highest is the degree of trust in the relationship. If my hubby to be would have friendships with other girls, than I would never approve it. And I know that any girl having some sence in her mind, being in the same position would say the same. Lets think together for a while. Does any of you think that your hubby would approve his wife to have friendship with another man, whom has a crush on her? Yes as you all can understand, he wouldn`t approve that at all. So why should it be different for men than women? This is not fair. This is something we need to think about, and act accordingly to what is right.

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