When your soul glows :)

Each individual in this world have their own set of values they strive for. People that are different can have the same values and people who are alike can have different values. Sometimes one come by people who have different set of living their lives than yourself. I know that I have much to learn from my surroundings, just like maybe you have from yours 🙂 I hope that when people look at someone they see beyond that persons looks. Actually it`s mostly the personality that shines when you talk to someone. For instance that your soul glows up when you’re talking about someone or something you really like a lot. It could be that you’re talking about your special somebody or perhaps some of your hobbies.  All in all it`s the values you have and the personality you have that shines through yourself; your proactiveness, your kindness of how you deal with people, your attitude towards life, the positivism which is injected in you 🙂 a person that can see you for what you are 🙂 that is a person to hold on to.. 🙂 People one needs to stay away from are those that pay more attention to if you’re wearing the right dress or using the right sweater brand. That which doesn`t mean anything. People that treat other differently depending on what they own, are superficial people who doesn`t have their heart beating for the right reasons, as I see it.

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