Sence of security

No one has the right to take away my sence of security. It shouldn`t be like that. But unfortunately that`s what happens. There was a gang war not that far from where I live. And it scared me so much. The night the gangs met, there was a helicopter flying over our houses to see if they could catch the gang members. So many times something happens in the media I try my best to protect myself by not reading it, but this time i heard the shots from my house, although i thought it was something else, until I heard about what happened the day after.

I hope and pray that people try to take good care of their children, so that they don`t have enough leisure time to do anything wrong. I hope parents can take their responsibilities even more serious so that their kids don`t don`t get wrong friends or come into any bad environment. This is crucial for all of us. After all if any of anyone`s kids does something it is the whole community they blame, not just that person, so I hope the parents and each and every of us can be good role-models, so they have someone to look up to. For the younger generation at least. And for all of us, I would say the seerah of Prophet Muhammad and his family is the best motivation to become the best people we can.

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