Bachon se jabbar..

I`ve seen it everywhere in every house, ke bachon ke saath zabardasti bohot hoti hain. Like since they are children they have to listen to their parents and most of the time they have to stop doing something or do something even if they want to do it or don`t want to do it. What I`ve learned the few years I`ve been living 😉 is that bachein ko eek baat ki advantage and disadvantage bata di jaye to it will be easier for them to follow their parents. Like for instance if ek bacha namaz nahi partha tou usein samjanein ka tariqa yeh nahi hoga ke you force him to read it. He might do it that day, but if you’re not there another day, he wouldn`t read the namaz. What one could do is to explain it to him the advantages like, we should be thankful to Allah for everything we have achieved and for living such a blessed life. To show our gratitude towards Allah we read namaz, and if we aren`t thankful enough than Allah can one day take it away or give us any imtihaan to pass. Uskein samajh mein agar yeh baat agayi to he will probably start reading namaz at once.

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