To meet everyone`s expectations :)

Each and every person in this world has some people who has different types of expectations towards that individual. Sometimes there are clashes between these expectations. Your parents, your beloved, your sister, your brother; all these people have their way to live their life. My way isn`t always different from my loved ones, but they have their way of thinking and I have mine. This wasn`t so much of an issue before. But I`ve realized that sometimes I would really want to do things my way:) Or our way:) Of course since I`m the youngest one in the family, they think that I don`t know that much and for them I`m always gonna be “choti si gudiya”. Sometimes I feel a bit forced by people around me to do things their way. And I`ve learned that there is no point in arguing with people who are elder than you, cause boy oh boy they really know how to make you feel bad 😉 hehe so what to do then? 🙂 So I`m going to follow my own suggestion from my first post that I wrote the time I started to blog, simply trust yourself, do what you think is right, and stand for your decisions:) Inshallah sab theek hoga:)

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