Butterfly on a visit :)

Something fun happened today. I just have to share it:) I was sitting in my livingroom and as you know it has been a quite warm day even if it wasn`t that sunny all day. Sitting and chilling on the sofa while the door to the livingroom is open, so we can get some fresh air, when suddenly we get a visitor:) Just out of nowhere comes this beautiful butterfly flying in to the room and flyes around. It was so much fun and so beautiful:) It flyes around for a bit and takes a breath on our picture of Madina sharif hanging on the wall. Der sitter den på bildet og flakser litt med vingene sine.. Det var så kult å se på 😀 Akkurat som om den så på Madina sharif:) Så flyr den tilbake til vinduet og vil fly ut.. Incredible na:) I helped it out and saw it flying away.. Really nice:) And me hehe.. 😉 All I could say was “look at the butterfly” over and over again 😉

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