What is being nice ?

Each and every person wants everyone to treat them with respect and value them as wonderful human beings and generally be nice to them. But what does it really say to be nice to someone? I believe that being nice does not mean that one always does what pleases everyone around you, to do everything to make others happy with you no matter what they say to you or how they treat you. A statement which I can`t agree upon. I think that being nice is to generally do what is right and what`s in the best interest yourself and your loved ones, sincerely caring for them. Wanting them to be happy and have a wonderful life with you. This actually means that sometimes one has to make some decisions that others around you, maybe some friends or family members aren`t pleased with. Because you are not going to behave a certain way just to please others, but to do what is right for you and your loved ones na 🙂 Your loved ones should be on your highest priority list always. One day those displeased with you will understand that what you did was for the best for yourself and your loved ones and for them. And so if they sincerely care for you they won`t try to make life harder for you, but their mature nature would make them respect your decision and be happy for you.

So in conclusion if your aim is to be nice then do what is right 🙂 Even if it means that you have to make some decisions that others might dislike. Just like they have the right to be displeased with you… You have the right to make your own decisions instead of being bullied with.. Just let that confidence in you shine like it always does and trust yourself 🙂 Inshallah everything will work out wonderfully 🙂
It`s solely up to your believe in your own abilities..

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