We need a change

Sometimes I get amazed by how difficult it sometimes can be to just stay quiet. Think for instance: another person who is very close to you accuses you of things just because his /her angry or jealous about something, so he takes all his anger out on you. What would you do then? Would you fight back, try to change him or just turn away? The easy way out would be to just let him/her with his anger. And pray to God that he someday will change. But if you really care for that person you would do anything to stay by and make him understand why it is wrong to do so. And help him change.

Something I learnt when I was little is that keeping other persons` private stuff private to everyone else will also keep your private stuff private from the rest of the world. Meaning if you have heard something from someone, than don’t say it to someone else but take what you heard with you in the grave. Is tarhah Allah apke saare baaton ki khifazat karein gha. Believe me no one wants their private life to be told out on the radio. Be it anyone. Be careful with what you say because Allah sab kuch dekh raha hain..

And remember if you want others to respect you, it`s important that you respect them as well. Respect goes both ways. Dissing someone else to make yourself feel better is not a solution. And it would make you feel even worse. Is tarha aap kisi ke nazron se ghir jaye ghe…

Keep in mind jii.. We all have some things that are great about us and some things that aren`t so good or could be improved somewhat.. So let that beautiful personality of yours shine the way through life.. 🙂 And let us try to become a better person in all ways.. 🙂

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