I`ll sue her for slander!

I`ve thought about this several times. Slandering has become so common these days. Sometimes at a workplace, between acquaintances, home or some friends it can happen everywhere… If someone has a problem with anyone the first thing they`ll do is to talk behind their back with people they know. Probably try their best to give the worst picture of that person to others just to make themselves look better. What actually happens is that this makes the person slandering look even worse in the eyes of the person they are slandering with. People tend to try the easy way out, which in my view is lot worse than what it seems. Instead of talking to the person they have an issue with. To try to resolve it somehow. They`ll tell everyone else about the issue they have. But the person that it`s about doesn’t know anything or he/she will hear it from someone else. This “disease” is common in all types of cultures and I can surely say one thing gender wise it`s more common between girls than boys. The other side of the coin is that this also leads to different types of clicks… someone freezing out others by keeping them out of the “inner circle”. It could be that they`re jealous about something or that they dislike something about them or want to prove themselves being “right” or being better in a way.

My opinion is that I don’t really want to be friends with slanderers. I mean how can I know that they`ll not talk behind my back when I`m not there??? I`ve always thought one thing that if you don’t have anything nice to say than please simply zip it / stay quiet… And I do stand for that. I try my best to live up to this motto. Whenever someone comes to me and complains about someone I always try to make the other one understand that there are so many reasons behind this. Just because you look at it this way doesn’t mean that the other person also does that. Each and every person has their own perspective. Another person can have thousand other issues in his/her life that makes him/her behave in a special manner.

Even though I don’t have that many friends I know I can trust the ones I have with anything and that they`ll always be there for me just like I`ll be there for them. I value them a lot. The same goes for my loved ones 🙂 What really impresses me is when people try to find the best in others and always try to do what is right.. That makes me very happy :)Instead of putting others in a bad light of course 🙂 Someone who deliberately tries to pull a person down is having a bad time himself/herself. But is just not able to tell anyone…

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